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Course Information

Course Title: Enduring the Heat: Elevating Your Heat Stress Efforts

Course Type: Webinars

Objective: This webinar discusses why heat stress is a concern for employees working in hot environments, as well as the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness. The webinar identifies actions to assess heat stress risks and discusses recommended heat stress exposure limits. In addition, the webinar outlines guidance on developing a heat stress prevention plan and provides examples of control measures.

Pre-Requisites: This introductory-level webinar is beneficial to personnel wanting to elevate their heat stress efforts and knowledge in the workplace. Personnel gaining the most benefit from this presentation may include: Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) staff, Collateral Duty Safety Officers (CDSOs), Additional Duty Safety Officers (ADSOs), Unit Safety Representatives (USRs), management and supervisors with employees exposed to heat stress risks, and employees with lead responsibilities.

Session Information

Course Start Date: May 19 2022 13:00 EDT

Course End Date: May 19 2022 14:00 EDT



Alyssa Gormish, DoD SMCX Safety and Environmental Professional

Ms. Gormish has been with the SMCX since 2012, supporting all DoD Services and Agencies. She also has experience conducting environmental, energy, and resource management projects for CTC clients.


Linda Byrnes, MPH, CIH, DoD SMCX Safety & Occupational Health Services Manager

Ms. Byrnes has been with the DoD SMCX for 10 years. Prior to joining the SMCX, Ms. Byrnes served as a U.S. Navy Industrial Hygiene Officer in the Medical Service Corps. She uses her experience to support DoD SMCX stakeholders in implementation of their safety management systems.


Lynn Mitchell, MSPH, CIH, CSP, Chief of Industrial Hygiene, Dear Occupational Health Clinic, Anniston Army Depot (ANAD)

Ms. Mitchell has been at Anniston Army Depot since October 2018. She worked in the Safety Office for 2 years, and in 2021 took the position as the ANAD Chief of Industrial Hygiene. Ms. Mitchell has 23 years of experience working in Occupational Safety and Health and has managed many OHS programs to include heat stress throughout her career.