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To visit the Training Sessions page with the full schedule and register for any of the SMCX training offerings, use the » Virtual Training or » On-Site Training drop-down menus in the left navigation pane.

Virtual Training – The DoD SMCX develops and presents free, virtual training events to educate and assist sites and stakeholders with a wide array of safety management system topics. These events are presented using an online web conferencing software requiring no special login or software installation, and can also be viewed with mobile devices.  DoD personnel can use the SMCX website to sign up for each webinar and workshop, as well as find past events by selecting the “Past Courses” link on the Training Sessions page.

  • Webinars – The DoD SMCX develops and presents webinars as a training and education tool for our DoD clients and stakeholders. The DoD SMCX selects webinar topics based on client and stakeholder requests, regulatory changes or updates, and prominent SMS criteria gaps continually identified during on-site assessments. 
  • Workshops –  The DoD SMCX presents workshops to provide interactive training opportunities to help you learn information on fulfilling SMS criteria gaps. Workshops take a hands-on approach to completing documentation, accessing useful resources, and applying the information learned.

On-Site Training – The DoD SMCX can provide on-site training to assist your site in the implementation and sustainment of your safety management system. The SMCX typically provides assessor and implementation & sustainment training courses, but can also provide other types of training such as advanced safety inspection or motivational safety presentations, depending on your site or organization’s needs.

  • Assessor (or Train the Trainer) Course – The VPP Assessor Course is intended for military and civilian personnel serving as VPP assessors, VPP implementers, and organizational leaders for their respective installations/commands.  Originally developed by former OSHA VPP assessors and certified safety professionals, this course is designed to be similar to training provided to OSHA employees and those acting as Special Government Employees (SGEs) in conducting assessments of VPP Star applicants, modified to include information on DoD Safety Management System (SMS) initiatives. Completion of this course will help students understand, lead and facilitate an organization’s VPP efforts.  The Assessor course is not a VPP fundamentals course; participants should already have a basic familiarity with the elements and sub-elements of VPP prior to attending this course.
  • Implementation and Sustainment (I&S) Course – The I&S course is primarily intended for military and civilian personnel interested in training others in implementing the requirements and sustaining the benefits of VPP within their organizations.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of the OSHA recognition programs as well as the ability to recognize the attributes of “best in class” safety programs.