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SMCX Support

  • SMCX Hotline: (877) 292-2880
  • SMCX E-mail:
  • Intro to the SMCX Website (PDF)

SMCX Promotional Posters

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Webinar Recordings

  • What’s New in the SMCX, 11/21/17 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Completing an Annual VPP Self-Evaluation, 12/14/17 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • SMART Goals and Objectives, 1/18/2018 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Supervisor Involvement Strategies in a SMS, 2/15/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Communication Techniques in an SMS, 3/15/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Planning for a SMS On-Site Evaluation, 4/19/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • SMS Expectations for Contractors and Visitors, 5/17/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Strategies to Gain and Maintain Leadership Involvement, 6/21/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Promoting Employee Involvement, 7/19/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • OSHA Records from Start to Finish, 8/16/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Best Practices for SMS Implementation and Sustainment, 9/20/18 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Completing an Annual VPP Self-Evaluation, 11/15/18 (MP4)  (ZIP)
  • I Have 'Nothing' to Trend, What Now?, 1/17/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Regulated Area Deficiencies and Hazard Controls: A View from the Inside, 2/21/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Tips About Root Cause Analysis You Can’t Afford to Miss, 3/21/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • How to Lead a Great Safety Culture, 4/18/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Rooftop Safety: What You NEED to Know, 5/16/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • What to do When Leaders Leave: Strategies for Maintaining Your SMS, 06/20/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • OSHA Recordkeeping 101, 07/17/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Addressing Common Errors in S&H Training Management, 08/15/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • How to Create a Safety Awards Program that Lasts, 09/19/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Confined Space Rescue – Unsuccessful Without Group Efforts, 10/16/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • The Latest International Standard: Introduction to ISO 45001, 11/21/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Meet the Feb 15 Deadline: Initiate the Annual VPP Self-Evaluation Today, 12/19/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Getting a Grasp on Controls for Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards, 1/16/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Supercharge Employee Participation Efforts in Your SMS, 2/20/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • OSHA’s Coming – Ultimate Planning Tips for a Successful VPP Assessment, 3/19/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Open Your Eyes: All You Wanted to Know About Safety Signage, 4/16/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Explore the 5Ws (and 1H) for Routine Self-Inspections, 5/21/20 (MP4) (ZIP)


  • Spark Your Interest in Hazardous Energy Control during Self-Inspections, 6/18/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Hazard Analysis: Identifying Techniques for SMS Success, 7/16/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Introduction to ANSI Z10, 8/20/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Am I Doing It Right? Overseeing On-Site Contractor Safety and Health, 9/17/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Understand My Employees' Toxic Metal Expsoures, 10/15/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Hazard Prevention and Control - Increasing Effectiveness, 11/19/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Office Safety 101: Identifying Administrative Hazards, 12/22/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Is Your Employee Involvement Where It Needs to Be?, 1/21/21 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Formalizing Your Trend Analysis Process, 2/18/21 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Common Issues with HazMat and GHS, 3/18/21 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Analyzing Dust Hazards: A Review of NFPA 652, 4/15/21 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Overcoming a Plateau to Strengthen Your Star Quality, 5/20/21 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Get a Grasp on Your Material Handling Program, 6/17/21, (MP4) (ZIP)
  • PPE Workplace Solutions - Let's Start with the Basics, 7/15/21, (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Be on the Lookout for OSHA's Top Violations - FY 2020, 8/19/2021, (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Updates to the CSP 03-01-005: VPP Policies and Procedures Manual, 9/16/2021, (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Locking Down Compliance: An Overview of OSHA's LOTO Regulation, 10/21/2021, (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Communication and Engagement with Leadership and Upper Management, 11/18/2021, (MP4) (ZIP)

Workshop Recordings

  • Documenting Your JHA, 01/22/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Calculating TCIR/DART Rates, 04/23/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • OSHA Recordkeeping, One Step at a Time, 07/30/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Documenting Job Hazard Analyses that WOW Safety Professionals, 10/29/19 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Getting ‘SMART’ with Safety Goals and Objectives: Goal Setting at Your Organization, 2/25/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Get the Dirt on Housekeeping: Right vs. Wrong, 6/23/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Writing Your VPP Annual Self-Evaluation, 10/27/20 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Identifying and Reporting Your SMS Trends, 2/23/21 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Completing Your VPP Application, 6/22/21 (MP4) (ZIP)
  • Writing Your VPP Annual Self-Evaluation, 10/26/21 (MP4) (ZIP)


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