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Course Information

Course Title: Get a Grasp on Your Material Handling Program

Course Type: Webinars

Objective: This webinar focuses on material handling, summarizing material handling risks and jobs prone to having material handling hazards. In addition, the webinar provides details on written material handling programs and training programs.

Pre-Requisites: This introductory-level webinar is beneficial to personnel wanting to learn more about material handling. Personnel gaining the most benefit from this presentation may include: Warehouse managers, Supervisors, Safety professionals, Safety committee members, Personnel with additional safety duties (e.g., Additional Duty Safety Officer [ADSO], Collateral Duty Safety Officer [CDSO]), Employees who perform safety training, and Master Drivers, or Material Handling Equipment trainers and licensing personnel.

Session Information

Course Start Date: Jun 17 2021 13:00 EST

Course End Date: Jun 17 2021 14:00 EST



Alyssa Gormish, DoD SMCX Safety and Environmental Professional

Ms. Gormish has been with the SMCX since 2012, supporting all DoD Services and Agencies. She also has experience conducting environmental, energy, and resource management projects for CTC clients.


Colin Bender, DoD SMCX Assistant Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Professional

—Mr. Bender is a former Safety Consultant for private industries, who has been with the SMCX since 2018.
Sally D’Agostino, WSO-CSS, DoD SMCX SOH Professional

—A former OSHA Compliance Officer, she worked for the Department of the Army for over 27 years, and is a former Industrial Hygienist and Safety Manager at Watervliet Arsenal in New York. Ms. D’Agostino has been with the SMCX for 10 years.
Ed Jerome, DoD SMCX Senior SOH Professional

—A certified industrial hygienist with over 40 years in the occupational safety and health field, he retired from federal service after a career at OSHA where he was the Area Director for the Albany area office and at the Bureau of Land Management as the Chief of Safety, Health and Emergency Management. Mr. Jerome has been with the SMCX since 2015.
Ben Lacy, DoD SMCX Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Manager

—A retired Army Colonel and Master Army Aviator, he has extensive experience assisting organizations with implementing and assessing their SMS. He is also a certified ISO 9001, AS 9100, and ISO 45001 Lead Auditor and a member of the Transportation Research Board's Standing Committee of Aviation Safety, Security, and Emergency Management (AV090). Mr. Lacy has been with the SMCX since 2017, supporting DoD and Services and Agencies.