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Course Information

Course Title: Getting ‘SMART’ with Safety Goals and Objectives: Goal Setting at Your Organization

Course Type: Workshops

Objective: This workshop focuses on creating specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goals and objectives. This workshop provides information on the SMART criteria and how to apply it to your organization’s expectations. In addition, the workshop includes activities such as drafting overarching goals for safety and occupational health management system (SOHMS) improvement and revising goals and draft objectives to make them SMART.

Pre-Requisites: This workshop is beneficial to personnel wanting to learn more about creating SMART goals and objectives. Attendees should have a basic understanding of goal setting prior to this workshop. Personnel gaining the most benefit from this workshop may include: Safety staff, SOHMS representatives, and Safety committee members.

Session Information

Course Start Date: May 18 2023 13:00 EDT

Course End Date: May 18 2023 14:00 EDT

Location: CTC MS Teams: Link to come week of event for registrants


Alyssa Gormish, CTC, DoD SMCX Safety and Environmental Professional

Ms. Gormish has worked on the SMCX program since 2012, supporting all DoD Services and Agencies. She also has experience conducting environmental, energy, and resource management projects for CTC clients.


Brandon Hody, CTC, DoD SMCX Senior Safety and Occupational Health Professional

Mr. Hody has worked on the SMCX program since 2012, supporting all DoD Services and Agencies. He also has experience in private industry managing OSHA recordkeeping and conducting mishap investigations.