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Course Information

Course Title: Getting SMART with SOHMS Goals and Objectives: What You Need to Know

Course Type: Webinars

Objective: The webinar focuses on creating goals and objectives to support your safety and occupational health management system (SOHMS). The webinar distinguishes between goals and objectives and explains the importance of goal setting at your organization. It also summarizes the importance of having specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely (SMART) goals and objectives to facilitate improvements to the SOHMS. The webinar wraps up with information on developing, communicating, monitoring, and measuring SOHMS goals and objectives.

Pre-Requisites: This introductory-level webinar is beneficial to personnel wanting to learn more about creating SMART goals and objectives. Attendees should have a basic understanding of goal setting prior to this webinar. Personnel gaining the most benefit from this webinar may include: safety staff, SOHMS representatives, safety committee members, and others interested in goal setting for SOHMS improvements.

Session Information

Course Start Date: Apr 20 2023 15:30 EDT

Course End Date: Apr 20 2023 16:30 EDT

Location: Presented via 31st Annual Joint Safety and Environmental Professional Development Symposium (PDS)


Brandon Hody, CTC, DoD SMCX Senior Safety and Occupational Health Professional

Mr. Hody has worked on the SMCX program for over 11 years, helping several DoD sites restructure their goals and objectives to fit the SMART criteria.

Paul Savage, CTC, DoD SMCX Principal Safety Professional

Paul has been with the SMCX for over 10 years and supports both Army and Navy sites. He is a certified master trainer and holds a master’s degree in leadership from Columbia Southern University.


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Accommodations: CTC intends to present this DoD SMCX webinar material during the 31st Annual Joint Safety and Environmental Professional Development Symposium (PDS) April 17-21, 2023. For this one-time event change, please visit the Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center website, available at the hyperlinked registration URL listed above in the SME section, also containing the link to the PDS Adobe Connect room (registration required through the PDS 2023 website to be admitted into the meeting room).