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Safety and Health Training

Safety and health (S&H) training is an essential element of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA’s) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). All employees, including contractors, are required to have S&H training. They must understand the hazards in the workplace, know how to prevent mishaps, and be aware of their S&H responsibilities.

Please see the following SMCX-developed presentation for more information on Safety & Health Training:

Effective site-specific S&H training programs ensure the worksite:

  • Identifies and meets the training needs of employees at all levels, including OSHA and Department of Defense-required trainings
  • Develops a S&H training schedule
  • Determines training frequencies
  • Uses qualified persons to develop and deliver S&H training content
  • Provides refresher S&H training at intervals appropriate to assigned roles and tasking
  • Measures the effectiveness of training in terms of comprehension, retention, and application of the training provided
  • Documents the completion of all S&H training
  • Reviews and updates training content when previous training is deemed ineffective or changes in the workplace occur
  • Assigns responsibility for S&H programs and processes
  • Provides S&H training and information to new employees
  • Delivers key S&H information to on-site visitors

All levels of the workforce must understand:

  • S&H leadership responsibilities for managers and supervisors
  • S&H rights and responsibilities of employees
  • Basic S&H policies and rules
  • Fundamental concepts of VPP
  • Existing hazards at the worksite
  • Potential hazardous conditions
  • Safe work practices and procedures
  • Hazard reporting procedures
  • Requirements, limitations, maintenance, use, and storage of personal protective equipment
  • Signs and symptoms of workplace-related illness
  • Emergency procedures and assigned roles and responsibilities