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Safety and Health Training

Safety and health training (S&HT) is the 4th OSHA VPP element, focused on all employees, including contractors, understanding the hazards and risks they are or may be exposed to and how to protect themselves and others from harm. S&HT also verifies that employees and contractors comprehend and follow established procedures.

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S&HT ensures the organization has:

  • Managers and supervisors who understand their safety and health leadership responsibilities
  • Training for managers, supervisors, and non-supervisory employees (including contractors) that cover: 
      • Existing hazards
      • Identifying hazardous conditions
      • Identifying signs and symptoms of workplace related illness
      • Safe work practices
      • Emergency procedures and personnel responsibilities for each type of emergency
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, limitations, maintenance, and uses
  • A method for assessing employee comprehension and training effectiveness
  • Documented training records including rosters, trainer certificates, and course material
  • Training frequencies that meet OSHA standards
  • Non-OSHA required training provided at sufficient intervals